Vintage Porch - A Unique Destination

driveway view darken edge

Situated in a suburban setting, Vintage Porch offers 4,000 square feet of space to make it your home for however long you want. Vintage Porch is a unique destination that provides you a place for any type of crafting or gathering retreat.

Located just south of the Twin Cities, this Minnesota classic home was built in 1910 by Thomas and Susan Nickolay. The Nickolay's immigrated to Minnesota from Luxembourg and raised five children in the home. In 1965, the home was bought by Edward and Agnes Klein. The Klein's lived in the house for 41 years where they raised their ten children. In 2005, Brian and Carrie (Klein) Unze were inspired with an idea to continue to preserve fond memories in this timeless house. Vintage Porch now offers you the opportunity to utilize this historic space for your own gatherings.




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